Celebrate World Pasta Day on 25th October

Pastaio, Carnaby’s much loved pasta restaurant, is set to celebrate World Pasta Day on Thursday, 25th October by opening for breakfast for one day only serving a signature Bucatini Carbonara for £5, with all proceeds going to children’s breakfast charity, Magic Breakfast.


Opening from 8am, the restaurant will continue serving until the pasta runs out, with diners able to opt for the signature “bacon and eggs” Carbonara (actually Guanciale, not ‘bacon’), or a vegetarian Tomato Ragu. Stevie Parle, Chef Owner, commented: “The idea is to have a bit of fun, and there’s no reason not to eat pasta for breakfast. We’re in the middle of Soho and there’s lots of workers going about their everyday lives, so we just wanted to give them something good to get up for.”


As usual, the restaurant won’t be taking reservations, but early risers and pasta enthusiasts need not worry – there will be hot coffee and biscotti on hand to keep people warm and hungry should a queue start to build up, and plenty of pasta to go around. Plus free refill coffees for an extra £1.


Teaming up with Magic Breakfast, a charity which raises awareness and much needed funds for the half a million UK children who arrive at school without having had breakfast, Pastaio will donate all proceeds from the World Pasta Day event to the charity. In addition to the day itself, the Bucatini Carbonara will remain on the main menu as a special, until Pastaio’s 1st Birthday on 6th November, raising more money still.


World Pasta Day Breakfast at Pastaio takes place on Thursday 25th October

Doors will open from 8am with tables given on a first come, first serve basis, with hot coffee and biscotti served to anyone in the queue from 7.45am. No reservations.

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