KS Tong @ks_ate_here

Our favourite Instagram superstar, KS Tong, shares his top tips…The London restaurant scene can be an exhausting place. With dozens of new spots popping up each week, it can be hard to keep track of all the places you need to be checking out. Luckily, our good friend KS Tong is lighting the way with @ks_ate_here, his dedicated, hunger inducing food and travel Instagram which has become one of the most followed accounts in the city, thanks to his knack for taking killer food shots! Check out his top 5 tips for getting the ultimate snap for the ‘Gram…

1. Lighting

Seek out that natural light because food loves it – but make sure it’s consistent across the pic. Stay out of direct sunlight because it’s too harsh!

2. Shadows

Ensure the light is always behind you – but beware of shadows; especially your own!

3. Picture Purpose

Consider your purpose – what are you taking the pic for? This will help you frame the shot.

4. Focus

Find your focus – what is the one thing you want to capture in the shot? What is the one moment? If it’s a flatlay shot, key in on that one dish and everything else will fall into place around it. If it’s a closeup, find that perfect moment – a dropping bit of melted cheese on a cheeseburger or an oozing yolk for example

 5. Go wild!

Let loose and get trigger happy! There is nothing wrong with taking 10 pics from every angle imaginable then sorting through for that 1. I mean, that’s why digital cameras were invented right?

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