Neil Whippey and Shami Radia, Eat Grub

Neil Whippey and Shami Radia, run Eat Grub, a sustainable food brand that promotes and sells insects as the original superfood.

Tell us a bit about Eat Grub?

EAT GRUB is a boundary-breaking sustainable food brand that aims to revolutionise Western food culture by introducing insects as a staple part of it. Insects are a tasty and highly nutritious source of food and with our diverse range of delicious products there is something here to help introduce anyone to the joys of insect eating.

What are the benefits in eating insects?

Not only are insects super healthy (complete protein), containing all nine essential amino acids, including important minerals like iron and calcium, they are also delicious and can be farmed using a fraction of the land, resources and emissions that traditional lifestock farming does!

Got a favourite grub to chow down on?

Crickets! As you might have noticed from our products! They’re tasty, have a nutty shrimp flavour and have a brilliant crunch when you have one of our prepared snacks. They’re 70% protein too!

Ok, we’re convinced! Got a recipe we can try at home?

Of course, have a go at making our simple Protein Enriched Brownies, which uses our cricket flour. Full recipe is here.

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