Olivia Falcon, Editor’s List

We’ve asked Editor’s List Founder, and ex-Beauty Director of Tatler, Olivia Falcon, on her ‘5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues’.

5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues by Editor’s List Olivia Falcon

  1. I definitely believe that beauty starts on the inside and I religiously take Lumity supplements morning and night which really seem to help improve the texture of my hair, nails and teeth. They contain a super smart formula of ingredients such as omega oils and amino acids and I find when I use these I don’t need to use a body moisturiser, my skin is more hydrated, my nails stand up better to Shellac manicures and the night time capsules also contain magnesium which is an important mineral for getting a better night’s sleep.
  2. The constant revolving door of freezing weather conditions outside and stuffy central heating inside can be incredibly drying for skin, so I always make sure I set the thermostat in my house to 21 degrees and turn it down to 19 degrees Celsius at night which is the optimum temperature for the body to relax and recharge and to get a great night’s sleep.
  3. To avoid pillow face, those dreaded creases and wrinkles which come with squishing your face up to your pillow, switch up your cotton pillow cases to a silk one. I love a brand called Slip which offers a variety on sizes in whites, creams and pretty pastel colours too.
  4. Did you know that your mobile phone has more surface bacteria than a public loo seat! I spray some Clinisept on a tissue and wipe my mobile phone every 2-3 days …this spray is a must for all bathroom cabinets.
  5. Grey London days can bring me down so to recharge my skin and boost my mood I recharge with an infrared sauna at Glow Bar on Mortimer street – one 45 minute session not only makes you sweat but boost the immune system, helps with joint aches and pains and completely brightens one mood. I always grab one of their Moon Mylks at the café upstairs too. I like the Yoni Mylk with Cacoa, Shatavari, Prebiotic and Ginger.

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